What is your Power Scripture for 2013?

There have been many times in life where I have confessed a Power Scripture.  It is a Scripture that immediately motivates and encourages me in whatever situation I may be facing.  It is also my defense to block fear from entering into my thoughts.  Whether I feel frustration building or I am super-excited, my Power Scripture brings peace in my spirit.  I often recite it in the morning and sometimes after a long day.

Thou shalt increase my greatness, and comfort me on every side.  – Psalm 71:21

That has been my Power Scripture for several years.  It is discussed in Week 40: Comfort and Strength in the book.  These simple words have provided so much extra strength in my life.  God will increase my greatness (efforts, abilities, righteousness, results), and comfort me on every side (in any situation, in every area, at any time).  This Scripture has been established in my heart and brings an assurance of God’s love when no one else is around.  It will do the same for you when you meditate it and believe.

Do you have a Power Scripture

If not, this year can be the perfect time to search for one that speaks directly to you.  It will become a source of strength and power as you face the trials of life.  A continual dose of the Word of God is essential for victorious living.
Please share your Power Scripture!

How Do You Define POWER?

Power (noun): force, energy; ability or strength; the faculty of doing or moving; that quality in any natural body which produces a change or makes an impression on another body


I have always been fascinated with power.  Something about its presence commands respect whether its among humans, nature or animals.  I like when power is shown to unite people, build up communities, liberate nations, perform miracles – you know, all the good stuff power can do.  Before looking in the Word of God, power meant control over my life and circumstances.  Now, it has expanded to mean that nothing in life is impossible.  Absolutely nothing!

What does POWER mean to you?