Trusting God with the Unexpected


My husband Daires and me

One summer morning, I woke up eager to go to church.  While getting dressed, God spoke to me about completely trusting Him in every area of my life.  I remember that my heart was full of expectation and I was ready to receive the Word.  That particular Sunday was extremely crowded (plus I was a little late) so the usher had to search for an available seat for me.  She finally found one and sat me between two gentlemen I had never seen before. 

A strange thing happened that day.

Once the pastor began service, his microphone stopped working and the entire sound system went out.   The congregation went silent.  We then were asked to turn to each other, exchange prayer requests and begin praying for each other in small groups of two or three.  I turned to my left, touched the arm of the man next to me, listened to his request and began to pray.  When I finished, he thanked me, took my hand and earnestly prayed for me.  His spirit immediately ministered to mine.  As he prayed, my heart released bitterness that had been deeply suppressed.  Maybe two minutes into the prayer, I collapsed to my knees and wept in front of everyone.  It was so embarrassing, but I could not control the flood of tears.  It felt like my soul was purging.  I never experienced anything like this before, especially not in church in front of so many others.  Instead of stopping to see if I was OK, the tall man held my hand tighter and continued to intercede for me through prayer.

He stayed strong while I was weak.

The usher brought tissues and the other prayer groups nearby cleared a little space for her to check on me.  As his prayer ended, my tears subsided.  Eventually, I was able to regain my composure.  Although my make-up smeared, my sundress wrinkled and I felt totally exposed, the stranger just smiled at me with all sincerity.  The sound system began working and the pastor resumed service.   Almost an hour went by and I realized I was still holding hands with a man I just met and whose name I did not even know.  Yes, it was very awkward, but it was one of the most peaceful encounters I have ever experienced in life.   I knew God was present and trusted Him with this unexpected journey I was about to embark on.

And that is how I met my husband.

I greatly appreciate how we work together at our marriage and respect each other’s personal relationship with God.  One thing that has helped us tremendously is that we continue to pray for each other daily.   Prayer is powerful and essential for victorious living!  Through all of our growing pains, my husband loves me, encourages me and leads me…still holding my hand.


8 thoughts on “Trusting God with the Unexpected

  1. Soror ACB Spr98 says:

    What a beautiful love story, and confirmation that you are with a man who has a true relationship with Christ and can lead your home and family. Isn’t that the true desire of our heart!! Congrats on your book & your love!

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